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Did complete redesign of EndoGastric Solutions' corporate website from concept through completion as key part of rebranding this seven-year-old startup. EGS is facing serious funding problems and has new senior management. It recently shut down its website for the international market (outside of U.S.), dropped one of its two core products, StomaphyX, and did a very poor job of reskinning its corporate site when updating its current product and senior management information.

  • Site featured numerous cutting-edge design elements to differentiate it and help position EGS as a leading-edge startup.
  • Included separate database-driven surgeon/medical center and patient seminar locators. Every surgeon's case volume distinction is included in his listing.
  • Range of Flash-based training modules for use by sales reps and end-user surgeons and their support staff.
  • Password-protected section for confidential sales information and materials for EGS' domestic and overseas network of sales representatives.





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