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Sample of Medical Center Sites

Over last several years, have created more than 40 surgeon/medical center websites, ranging from the site below for a prominent Bay Area plastic surgeon (www.drglafkides.com) to websites for surgeons performing EGS' incisionless TIF procedure for treating chronic GERD (e.g., www.heartburnreliefla.com) to websites for surgeons performing the MANOS CTR procedure for treating carpal tunnel syndrome (e.g., www.borein.com/coleman/).

  • Designed site to differentiate surgeon in a very crowded marketplace.
  • Conveys key message points as quickly and simply as possible in patient-friendly manner.
  • Site is also designed to provide maximum visibility on the web for the surgeon to patient prospects in his three key regional markets. According to the surgeon, this site has increased his overall surgical business signficantly in recent months.

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