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Study Locations MapRight now, doctors throughout the U.S. are conducting the RESOLVE II clinical study.

To see if you might qualify for the RESOLVE II Study, please contact the center near you to speak with a study specialist.

pre-screening questionnaire

The pre-screening questionnaire is the first step towards participating in the RESOLVE II Study. The questionnaire will help determine if you meet the criteria for participating in the study. If you meet the pre-screening criteria, you will be given the option to submit your contact information to the RESOLVE II Study center in your area. Someone from your local study center will then contact you within a couple of days to tell you more about the study, and answer any questions you might have. Only your local study center can determine if you are eligible to join the study.

Click the link below to take the pre-screening questionnaire.

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Please note that completing the pre-screening questionnaire does NOT obligate you to participate in the study. Rather, the pre-screening questionnaire simply helps determine if you might be a potential candidate for the study, so that you can be connected to the local RESOLVE II Study center in your area to learn more.


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