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Snap-on user manuals

I have created from concept through completion over 20 user manuals during my career as a corporate/technical communications professional. I have also overseen the creation of many other user manuals and related technical documents. I've created user manuals for products ranging from high-end network systems to turnkey electronic service information and diagnostic systems for the automotive industry.

  • Following are scans of one of several user manuals I wrote and laid out for some diagnostic products developed and manufactured by Omitec for distribution by Snap-on in the U.S. marketplace. The products are for diagnosing failures in computer-controlled electronic vehicle systems. (Omitec produces all the vehicle service and owner manuals for car companies like Land Rover and Tesla.)
  • Wrote all text and created and laid out all design elements for this 30-page user's manual.
  • Oversaw printing of manual in the U.K.

Click here (or click image below) to see sample of interior page.



Omitec user's manual