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Corporate logos

I designed the logos below from initial concept thru completion.

  • GERDHelp.com logo, for EndoGastric Solutions. Designed to be patient friendly for sufferers of chronic GERD.
  • Surgeons for TIF logo, for EndoGastric Solutions. Designed to reflect the goals of this surgeon association's membership.
  • Ontool logo, for Ontool.com: Designed to convey a sense of state-of-the art Web-based product distribution. Color selection (red, white and blue) was to provide a patriotic look. Also, those colors really resonated with our target market. I conducted an extensive design exercise and review process in arriving at this logo.
  • Lowratesource.com logo, for Adteractive's mortgage lead generation portal site. Designed to appeal to homeowners in 30-35 year age demographic. 
  • DirectEducation.com, for Adteractive's distance learning lead generation portal sites. Designed to appeal to a somewhat upscale 25-38 year old male/female demographic comfortable with sourcing goods/services on the Internet.
  • Snap-on Diagnostics logo, for Snap-on's new diagnostic products division. Designed to be consistent with design of Snap-on's corporate logo.
  • Edge logo, for Edge Diagnostic Systems: Designed to convey a sense of hi-tech system technologies.


samples of corporate logos Chip Hennen created