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Nextech ad

I created this ad for Nextech, a Korean manufacturer new to the U.S. marketplace, to assist them in launching their products to the U.S. marketplace via Ontool.com.

  • At Ontool.com, we assisted some of our product suppliers with marketing their products. This ad is an example of that.
  • From start to finish, spent approximately 11 hours creating ad. Rarely had more than one day to produce the ads I produced for Ontool, and frequently produced at least one new ad per month.
  • In addition to producing all ads placed by Ontool, also handled all the company's media purchases. This ad ran on inside front cover of a national magazine owned by Hearst Publishing.
  • I also took the photograph of the product featured in the ad, using high-end digital camera, and composited and enhanced it in Photoshop.



Nextech ad