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Why MANOS™ Plantar Facia Release might be right for your practice

The latest advancement in plantar facia release (PFR) release blade technology, the MANOS™ system was designed to minimize surgical trauma and patient recovery. With a diameter of just 2.1mm, this low profile device affords surgeons the least invasive option for plantar facia release surgery available today. Discover how you can use MANOS™ to get your PFR patients back to life sooner, and what it could mean for your practice.

Percutaneous technique:

  • 2mm instep access
  • 17 gauge plantar exit
  • Minimizes soft damage to tissue
  • Customized release

Ultrasound provides clear imaging of plantar fascia

Ultrasound confirms complete release

Ultrasound Guided PFR With MANOS
PFR Data Charts