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Cannuflow Incorporated (CFI) develops and markets advanced surgical medical devices that help human and veterinarian healthcare professionals more effectively manage fluid management performance during arthroscopic surgery. Made up of hands-on surgical, medical device, and business professionals, our dedicated team specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, high-performance, and cost-effective devices that deliver real solutions to chronic arthroscopic surgical problems. It is Cannuflow's mission to develop device innovations specifically devised to reduce potential patient risk and to increase procedure efficiency.

Founded in 2002 and based in Silicon Valley California, Cannuflow is a privately held company with a strong domestic and international sales and customer service network to support its valued customers. We actively keep abreast of surgical trends and issues through substantial investment in industry research and through our close, long-term relationships with industry leaders and with customers.

As human and veterinarian healthcare budgets come under even greater pressure, devices that provide faster, more efficient and safer treatment are essential. Cannuflow is committed to applying our technical expertise and resources to continually developing new, leading-edge solutions. Manufactured entirely in the USA, Cannuflow devices are setting a new standard for arthroscopic fluid-management device performance by helping surgeons and other healthcare professionals to improve procedure safety and efficiency and ensure better outcomes for their patients.